Our Team

Alicia Moreno

Founder and director of FOCUS

Alicia Moreno Psy. D. is a clinical psychologist, coach and lecturer. She began her professional career in United States. She is a passionate traveler who enjoys learning, working and connecting with people from different countries and cultures. She has more than 25 years of experience assisting individuals, couples and families that consult for a variety of symptoms and emotional difficulties, conflicted relationships, or the impact of crises, life transitions or losses. She has specialized in systemic family therapy (Seton Hall University, NJ, and Kantor Family Institute, Boston, USA), narrative therapy (Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy and The Institute of Narrative Therapy, London), and co-active coaching (The Coaches Training Institute, London and Madrid). She teaches in several Master´s programs (Universidad Complutense, Universidad de Alcalá, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, in Madrid), and she has been the Director of the Master’s program in Marital and Family Therapy at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) for fifteen years. She has organized and/or taught numerous workshops and graduate courses in the areas of systemic and narrative therapy. She has presented her clinical and research work in international congresses in Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin, Washington DC, Oporto, Portoroz (Slovenia) and Amsterdam.

She is the author of several articles and book chapters on the applications of the system approach and the narrative model, gender issues and intervention strategies. Her most recent publication is “Manual de terapia sistémica. Principios y herramientas de intervención” (Handbook of systemic therapy. Intervention principles and tools). Madrid: Desclèe De Brouwer, 2014. She has edited this book, pioneer in Spain, that contains the main conceptual systemic tools, a description of the different systemic therapy model and issues around training and supervision. She is the author of the chapter on narrative therapy, and co-author of the chapters on intergenerational therapy and systemic therapeutic skills. She is the editor of “La práctica de la terapia sistémica” (The practice of systemic therapy), that will be published by Desclèe De Brouwer.

Alicia Moreno is a collegiate member of the Official College of Psychologists in Spain (M-10.853). Accredited as a Psychologist specialized in Clinical Psychology (Ministry of Education), Psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy (Official College of Psychologists), Family Therapist and Accredited Supervisor (Spanish Federation of Family Therapy Associations) and Psychotherapist (Spanish Federation of Psychotherapy Associations). She is an Associate of Taos Institute.